When driving through Georgia, you may encounter a lot of 18-wheelers on the road. Like most states, it’s difficult to avoid the highway when traveling from one destination in Georgia to the next. For example, if you live in Savannah but need to get to Atlanta, you must take the interstate. Truck drivers may not be headed to the same destination as you, but they’re often passing through the state.

If you collide with a truck, the injuries that result can be severe and sometimes life-altering. Filing a personal injury claim for a truck accident may be more complex than filing a typical car accident claim. It’s important to hire an experienced Savannah truck accident lawyer if you hope to get the most money possible for what you’ve been through.

Who Caused Your Collision?

The first step in suing for your accident is determining who caused your collision. It’s possible that a roadway hazard caused your wreck or a truck malfunction. In these situations, you may need to sue a third-party for negligence, such as a roadway repair company or the truck manufacturer. If you believe the truck driver was responsible for your wreck, you must determine who insures the driver. 

The likely scenario is that a trucking company employed the driver when they hit you. Even if the truck driver caused your accident because of their own negligence, the trucking company will be liable for your damages. The trucking company will likely insure their driver with a hefty insurance policy. This means you’ll be up against the trucking company’s insurance company when fighting for a settlement.

Proving Your Case

There are some benefits to going up against a large insurance company in your truck accident claim. You’ll know the insurance company has the money necessary to pay you what you deserve. As long as you have the evidence to support your case, you can fight hard to settle for the maximum amount. Your lawyers can negotiate on your behalf and push the insurance company to the limit.

Evidence You May Need

The evidence you may need to prove negligence against the truck driver can include the police report, photographs, witness testimonies, video footage, and your medical records. Any evidence you can gather to show that the driver’s negligence caused your injuries will be helpful. It’s also important to prove the extent of your damages, both financial and non-financial.

To receive a settlement check promptly in a truck accident case, you should file your lawsuit as soon as possible. The sooner you file, the fresher your evidence will be. With a strong legal team supporting you, you’ll have a good chance of walking away with the money you need to recover.